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Using Open-Source Software

Our website is based on a CMS - a Content Management System - a system that gives authorized users the flexibility to maintain the site directly on the Internet.

Joomla logoForget about Front Page, expensive web-design software and boring static HTML pages. We use the Joomla! system for our projects because it is for free, it can be used in different languages and it is easy to maintain by project staff. The CMS is based on Joomla!, a fancy name for an open source software suite. More information can be found at www.joomla.org.

To use the system, you do not need to learn learn PhP, MySQL etc. We got this site running in a matter of hours, although it took much more time of course to enter the texts, images, etc. And to be honest, we built more of these so we knew a bit what we had to do and what extensions to use.

The CMS is opensource and for free!!! There are no hidden costs. It may all sound too good to be true, but this is not a joke. Once you are through the learning curve, you are set for the rest.

Joomla! software powers millions of websites world-wide.  It is used by some of the busiest and content rich commercial, government and non-government agencies, education and general user sites around the world.  Some examples include the United Nations (www.unric.org), Porsche (www.porsche.com.br) to name just a few.

The Joomla! community — in the form of forum participants — is fast approaching 100,000 users.  Also, Joomla's third-party-developer community is unique.  It provides a melting pot of talented coders releasing both free and commercial extensions.  The thousands of extensions they make available is surely one of the most appealing things about the Joomla! project. Put simply, you can make Joomla! fit almost any niche Internet content publishing need.  Joomla! can be mainstream or it can be highly specialized in its deployment.

Since we are on the topic of Open Source Software, excellent free office software is available here as well:

Openoffice: The free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Mozilla Thunderbird: An excellent email program.

Mozilla Firefox: The web browser to use.


Please visit our Joomal educational website for more information on the functionality of the system.


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