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Glossary of Terms Used for USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) - Updated 07/15/2011 Partial Revision

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Term Definition
National Archives And Records Administration (Nara)

The organization responsible for appraising, accessing, preserving and making available permanent records (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 502).

National Performance Review (Npr)

A review of the Federal Government conducted in the 1990s to identify problems, offer solutions and ideas for savings. Part of the outcome of the initial review is the determination to reduce internal directives of the Federal government by 50 percent.

National Security

The national defense or foreign relations of the United States (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 562).

National Security Position

Any position which requires the incumbent to have access to classified information (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 562, 566, 567).

National Security Strategy (Nss)

The NSS is an overarching U.S. Government policy document which covers the national security principles underlying U.S. foreign policy. As published in September 2002, its main themes include promoting human dignity through political and economic freedom. providing security against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. working with others to defuse regional conflicts, and strengthening America's national security institutions. Objectives of development assistance are central to the document, which was prepared by the National Security Council (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 200-203).

National Security System

The term national security system'' means any telecommunications or information system operated by the United States Government, the function, operation, or use of which a.Involves intelligence activities. b. Involves cryptologic activities related to national security. c. Involves command and control of military forces. d. Involves equipment that is an integral part of a weapon or weapons system, or e. Is critical to the direct fulfillment of military or intelligence missions. This final subcategory does not include a system that is to be used for routine administrative and business applications (including payroll, finance, logistics, and personnel management applications) (Source: 40 U.S.C.1452) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 545, 552).


For purposes of USAID's procurement rules, nationality refers to the place of incorporation, ownership, citizenship, residence, etc. of suppliers of goods and services (Series 300).

Need To Know

A determination made by a possessor of classified information that a prospective recipient, in the interest of national security, has a requirement for access to, knowledge, or possession of the classified information in order to perform official duties. The determination is not made solely by virtue of an individual's office, position, or security clearance level (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 562, 566, 567, 568).

Negative Film

Film in which the dark portions of the original image appear light and the light portions dark. Used as the master copy from which positive copies can be made (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 502).


Simple negligence is an act, failure, or omission on the part of the responsible employee(s). To exercise the appropriate degree of care, precaution, or vigilance resulting in loss, damage, or destruction of government property. Gross negligence is failure or omission on the part of the responsible employee(s). of a greater degree than simple negligence and deemed to be misconduct or willful, wanton, or reckless disregard for government property resulting in loss, damage, or destruction (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 518).

Negotiated Rulemaking

A process of consensual rulemaking used by federal regulatory agencies, wherein external parties affected by the regulation participate in the rulemaking (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 105).

Net Space Measurement

Generally, all usable space within the interior walls of a building (See FAM06-0723 Exhibits 723C and E, to be published at a later date) (FAM06-0700) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 535).

Net Weight

Consists of actual effects plus cartons, barrels, fiber drums, crates and boxes, as well the necessary wrapping and cushioning material, used to pack fragile articles for shipment or storage. Fragile articles include clothing, linens, books, pictures, mirrors, lamp shades and bases, bric-a-brac, glassware, chinaware, and other articles which normally require preliminary packing before removal from the residence (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 523, 524).


A group of computers and associated devices connected by communications facilities (both hardware and software). To share information and peripheral devices, such as printers and modems (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 545).

New Appointees

Includes not only individuals when first appointed to Government service but also individuals appointed after a break in service except that employees separated as a result of reduction-in-force or transfer of function may be treated as transferees instead of new appointees. New appointees do not include individuals who transfer from one Federal Government personnel system to another Federal Government personnel system where there is no break in service (6 FAM-111.3) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapters 467, 522, 523, 524, and 525). See 5 CFR Sec. 531.202 (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 471).

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