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Developmentwork.Net maintains a searchable database of audit reports. The purpose of the "Audit Database Project" is to provide a systemic overview of lessons learned from hundreds of programs that have been funded by USAID and MCC.

The audit reports and the recommendations are a useful resource for compliance and risk management officers with reference to ADS, CFR, AIDAR, etc. The repository of recommendations for project compliance with USAID regulations is a practical tool to prepare Chiefs of Party, Program Managers, COTRs and others for OIG audits.

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1 Program Activities and Sustainability - ADS 201.3 - ADS 303
2 Program Design Should not Hinder Achievement of Stated Goal - ADS 201 - ADS 200.3
3 Program Design and Sustainable Development Methods
4 Sustainability Requirements - 22 U.S.C. 2361
5 Develop Negotiation Points for Tax Exemptions for USAID-Funded Property - ADS 155.3.2
6 Program Lacked Approval as Required by Governmental Regulations