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Assistance Awards and Requirements - ADS 303 - ADS 621.3.4

USAID has developed extensive guidelines on the management of assistance awards and requirements for implementers that require agreement with the terms of an award and mandatory standard provisions. USAID’s Automated Directives System (ADS) 303, Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Nongovernmental Organizations, states that technical representatives should review and analyze reports, monitor reporting requirements, and ensure the recipient’s compliance with numerous terms and conditions of an award.

Some of these mandatory standard provisions for non-U.S., nongovernmental recipients require that subagreements shall contain provisions about financial audit requirements, termination or suspension of awards, antiterrorism financing responsibilities, and branding and marking responsibilities.

Furthermore, ADS 621.3.4, Types of Obligations and Documentary Evidence, states that only a USAID signature is required for an assistance award unless major issues are unresolved between USAID and the grantee, in which case both parties must sign the award.

However, ADS 303.3.13, The Award Process and Elements of an Award, states that recipients are required to agree to the terms of the agreements, which are legally binding.

AUDIT REPORT NO. 6-263-10-001-P October 27, 2009

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