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Chief of Party Checklist

As project manager, it is important to ask the right questions and implement adequate internal control systems to ensure a project is always in full compliance with regulations and legislation (ADS, FAR, FCPA, etc). Below is a checklist with questions tailored to technical assistance projects that may assist you with the management of your project.


Has a historical analysis of product prices been performed?

Do you see any patterns in pricing?

Are the prices fair?

Have bid analyses been conducted?

Have independent spot checks of vendors been conducted?

Has the procurement process been analyzed and has all staff involved in procurement been identified.

Are products purchased counterfeited (such as ink cartridges)?

Does the project adhere to particular procurement thresholds and procedures?

Does the project have any source of origin restrictions?

Does the project have purchase orders with all necessary appendices?

Is the receiving of procured products separated from the product ordering process?

Is the asset list of the project complete? Are assets missing?

Have all assets been branded and included in the asset list?

Have assets been transferred to counterparts and was approval obtained from the Contracting Officer to transfer these assets.

Does the project have a procurement manual and procurement forms?

Does the project have access to restricted party lists? Are these checked twice during the procurement process?

Does the project maintain soft and hard copies of all procurement related documents?

Is IT spending tracked separately from other procurement?


Does the project have a website with a file repository – library?

Is the website in compliance with USAID and other USG regulations?

Do the project have success stories and fact sheets, etc.?

Are banners, brochures etc. for outreach in compliance with the guidelines?

What are the reporting requirements of the project? Does it need to report weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually? Are these on file?

Does the project have a repository of all files/deliverables?

Does the project have a general PowerPoint approved by USAID?

Does the project have a communication plan approved by USAID?

Is the project following branding and marking guidelines?

Does the project have communication guidelines for staff regarding media and journalists' inquiries that are in compliance with the mission?

Does the project have an approved media briefing kit that is standardizing the project's information package?


Does the project have a staffing plan and org chart?

Does the project have a compensation plan for ex-pats and local staff members?

When was the last time performance evaluations of staff were conducted?

Are the HR files in place, including statements of work for staff?

Do all staff members have signed and verified biodata sheets?

Are references of staff on file?

Does the project have an HR manual?

Does the Chief of Party have a power of attorney?

Does the Chief of Party have proper authority delegated as stated in a field office authorization memo (FOAM) or other approval matrix?

Does the project have a dedicated HR specialist?

Are staff members involved in the project through management meetings and other events?

When was the last time an off-site retreat was organized?

Does the project have an educational allowance and professional development program for local staff?

Does the project have an internship program?

The Contract and Budget:

What kind of contract mechanism is used for the project?

Is the project being reimbursed for specific deliverables?

Are the deliverables of the project realistic?

Does the project have any unbillable items? If so, why?

When was the last contract modification issued by USAID?

Was the project ever issued a cure notice?

What are the thresholds in the project for approving transactions? When is COR and CO authorization required?

Does the Chief of Party have a copy of the contract of the project?

Does the project have a closeout and implementation schedule with detailed deliverables?

Does the Chief of Party have a discretionary budget for social events?

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Does the project have indicators that are measurable and achievable?

Does the project have a program management plan – also called PMP?

Does the project have an approved work plan?

Does the project have all files backed up, including the attendance sheets for events?

Does the project have an indexing system for deliverables?


Does the project have proof of life and medical consent forms filled out for expatriate staff if it operates in hostile environments (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc)?

Does the project have standard operating procedures and security and safety training program?

Does the project have a security plan in place, including an evaluation plan?

Is staff in the office trained in MFA?

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