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How to Guides by People In Aid

An interesting online library with useful management and HR resources for development workers is provided by People In Aid. The not-for-profit was established by agencies in the humanitarian and development sector in 1995 and provides its members HR and management support services .

The organization is perhaps best known for its "People In Aid Code of Good Practice" in the management and support of aid personnel.

People In Aid improves organisational effectiveness within the humanitarian and development sector worldwide by advocating, supporting and recognising good practice in the management of people.


The organization maintains a growing repository of "How To Guides" that are to the point and practical. The guides are provided for free and are often licensed under a creative commons license. The "How To Guides" cover the following topics.

How To:

  • Be Resilient at Work
  • Build a Successful Team
  • Build up your Team
  • Communicate in Times of Uncertainty and Economic Volatility
  • Communicate Your Vision
  • Comply With the Data Protection Act
  • Comply With the Independent Safeguarding Authority
  • Deal with someone when they're wrong
  • Develop a Reward Strategy
  • Give Constructive Feedback
  • Introduce an Organisational Change
  • Know What You Need to Know
  • Learn Leadership from Life
  • Listen
  • Make Time to Think
  • Manage Conflict With Colleagues
  • Manage Conflict with Direct Reports Part 1
  • Manage Conflict with Direct Reports Part 2
  • Manage Email
  • Manage Leadership Stress
  • Manage Up - Creating a Working Relationship With Your Boss
  • Plan for 360 Appraisals
  • Reinvigorate Your Organisation
  • Set Goals for Yourself
  • Simultaneously Increase Value and Reduce Cost
  • Tell Another Person That You Feel Put UponUse Action Learning

Source: http://www.peopleinaid.org/resources/publications.aspx?category=How+To+Guides

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