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UK Government Annual Fraud Reports, Cases and Tools

HM Treasury in the UK maintains an interesting webpage with links to "Annual Government Fraud Reports", "Anti-Fraud Guidance" and case studies of discovered fraud cases. In "Tackling Internal Fraud", a set of useful guidelines and model documents are provided. These include practical templates for an Anti-Fraud Policy and a Fraud Response Plan. The case-studies are particularly helpful in understanding fraud schemes, ranging from check and cash handling fraud to estates management fraud.

A recent estimate by the National Fraud Authority puts annual losses in the public sector due to fraud at around £25 billion. At a time when Government departments have to make significant cuts in spending, this level of loss is unsustainable and every effort should be made to cut fraud losses significantly. . . . A big challenge for departments during a period of significant reform and fiscal consolidation is to ensure that any major business change is delivered within a viable risk management and control framework.

Source: Tackling Internal Fraud, January 2011.

You may use and re-use the information featured on HM Treasury's page free of charge in any format or medium (not including logos) under the terms of the Open Government Licence - UK Government. This enables you to use the guidelines, templates and case-studies as a basis for your own risk mitigation tools.

The link to the website: http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/psr_managing_risk_of_fraud.htm


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