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Audit of USAID/Afghanistan’s USAID Air Program.

Country: Afghanistan
Fiscal Year: 2011
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: Yes

When USAID reopened its mission in 2002, much of Afghanistan’s infrastructure was in extremely poor condition. In 2004, the mission awarded a contract to provide air transportation consisting of one helicopter and one airplane. Since then, foreign development work has expanded, and the fleet of aircraft has grown to seven.

Demand for air transportation in Afghanistan increased after the ramp up of U.S. military forces and civilian assistance in December 2009. To meet this need, USAID/Afghanistan awarded a 2-year, $221 million contract to Aircraft Charter Solutions Inc. for safe and reliable air service in support provincial reconstruction teams and U.S. assistance programs throughout Afghanistan.

This audit will determine whether USAID/Afghanistan’s USAID Air Program is providing safe and reliable air service to enable USAID to supply transportation and freight services in support of provincial reconstruction teams and other U.S. development assistance programs in Afghanistan.

Source: Office of Inspector General - ANNUAL PLAN - FISCAL YEAR 2011

Report Number F-306-11-004-S

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