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Audit of USAID/Egypt’s School-Based Reform Activities Under Its Education Reform Program

Country: Egypt
Fiscal Year: 2009
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: No

The Education Reform Program is the cornerstone of USAID/Egypt’s education strategy. Strong support for education reform by the Government of Egypt has generated considerable momentum for education reform in Egypt. USAID/Egypt’s Education Reform Program is divided into two programs—one focuses on school-based reform and the other on policy and institutional development. The scope of this audit is the school-based reform program, with total estimated funding of $64.5 million. Activities under the school-based reform program are designed to improve school quality, community participation, teaching and learning processes, and school management in a selected family of schools. The program comprises three major components: classrooms and schools to direct teacher training and community support methods in participating schools; nonformal education for life skills training, as well as girls’ scholarship activities; and construction to add schools where needed to achieve reform goals in the targeted Governorates. 8 Public Law 480, the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954, became known as P.L. 480 Food for Peace during the Kennedy administration. Title II refers to Emergency and Private Assistance programs.

This audit will (1) determine whether USAID/Egypt’s school-based reform activities achieved intended results and (2) assess the activities’ impact.

Source:  Office of Inspector General ANNUAL PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2009

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