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Why This Website?

Since 1996, Developmentwork.Net has evolved into a resource portal for development professionals with a focus on USAID programs. The website's latest service includes the Audit Database Project, a searchable database of USAID and MCC Program audits by the Office of the Inspector General.

The publications and program descriptions on Developmentwork.Net do not contain any confidential information and are written and cleared for a wide audience (please see the copyright and disclaimer notices).

Developmentwork.Net showcases the power of modern and opensource content management systems for projects in developing countries.

The opensource system, called Joomla, is available for free and the hosting costs of the system are modest ($5.95 a month with a good host like siteground.com - our hosting company for many years).

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the technical aspects of Developmentwork.Net.

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Management Tools

What is the USAID Maximum Daily Rate?

SES Pay System Structure Annual Minimum Annual Maximum Maximum Daily Rate Year

Source: http://www.opm.gov
Agencies with a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System $123,175 $185,100 $711.92 2016
Agencies without a Certified SES Performance Appraisal System $123,175
$170,400 $655.38 2016