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Glossary of Terms Used for USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) - Updated 07/15/2011 Partial Revision

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Term Definition
Small Business

A business, including its affiliates, that is independently owned and operated, not dominant in the field of operation in which it is bidding on government contracts, and qualified as a small business under FAR 19.102 (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 321).

Small Disadvantaged Business

A small business concern that is at least 51 percent unconditionally owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged, or a publicly owned business that has at least 51 percent of its stock unconditionally owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (as defined in this section) and that has its management and daily business controlled by one or more such individuals (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 321).

Small Mission

Small Missions manage start-up, ongoing, or terminating programs that are limited in size and breadth to one or two strategic goal areas. Typically, these Missions are staffed by a senior manager and one or more technical - program managers, with less than three U.S. Direct-Hire employees. Small Missions engage directly with host governments in planning and overseeing U.S. assistance programs and rely on USAID - W, full Missions, or regional hubs for technical, program, and administrative support services. They typically have less than $35 million in program funding (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 102).


This is the term used by the U.S. Government to refer to the assorted means by which offers or proposals are sought for government requirements and programs. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) Invitations for Bids (IFBs) Tenders, Requests for Applications (RFAs) Annual Program Statements (APSs) and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) are all examples of types of government solicitations (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 221).

Son Or Daughter

A biological, adopted, or foster child. a step child. a legal ward, or a child of a person standing in loco parentis who is: (1) Under 18 years of age, or (2) 18 years of age or older and incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability. A son or daughter incapable of self-care requires active assistance or supervision to provide daily self-care in three or more of the activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include adaptive activities such as caring appropriately for one's grooming and hygiene, bathing, dressing, and eating. Instrumental activities of daily living include cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking public transportation, paying bills, maintaining a residence, using the telephones and directories, using a post office, etc. A physical or mental disability refers to a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual as defined in 29 CFR 1630.2(h) (i) and (j) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 481).

Sound Track

The portion of the length of film reserved for the sound record or any length of film bearing sound only (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 502).


The country from which a commodity is shipped to the cooperating country (or the cooperating country itself if the commodity is located therein at the time of the purchase) in the case of a commodity shipped from a free port or bonded warehouse in the same form it was received therein, source is the country from which the commodity was shipped to the free port or bonded warehouse (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 310).

Source Agency

Any agency (including State or local government). That discloses records contained in a system of records to be used in a matching program (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 508).

Source Selection Authority (Ssa)

A competition official with decision-making authority who is responsible for source selection as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and OMB Circular A-76. The SSA and the Contracting Officer (CO) may be the same individual (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 104).

Sovereign Debt

Debt owed by the government of one country to the government of another. Collection of sovereign debt is normally through diplomatic means. Sovereign debt is normally retained as inactive debt after write-off (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 625).

Sovereign Risk

Risk undertaken by a sovereign government or a sovereign entity that is backed by the full faith and credit of a sovereign government (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 249).

Space Assignment

A transaction between GSA and the Agency that results in the right to occupy certain GSA-controlled space in return for payments to GSA for use of the space. Space assignment rights, obligations, and responsibilities are formalized in an Occupancy Agreement (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 517).

Special Act Or Service

A contribution or accomplishment in the public interest that is A non-recurring contribution either within or outside of job responsibilities. A scientific achievement, or An act of heroism (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 491).

Special Drawing Rights (Sdrs)

An artificial currency unit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). defined as a basket of national currencies (Euro, Japanese yen, Pound sterling, and the U.S. dollar) (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 221).

Special Letter Of Credit

A Special Letter of Credit (SLC) is an alternative to financing commodities and commodity related services under a Letter of Commitment. The SLC becomes a foreign exchange asset for the host country with an immediate impact on foreign exchange reserves as well as the rapid generation of local currency. When the SLC is used as a means for financing local costs, the Bureau Assistant Administrator must approve the justification for its use (USAID Automated Directives System - ADS - Chapter 630).

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