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Audit of USAID’s Activities Regarding Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq

Country: Iraq
Fiscal Year: 2009
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: Yes

The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) is responsible for providing nonfood humanitarian assistance in response to international crises and disasters. In April 2003, the U.S.-led military operation in Iraq deposed Saddam Hussein’s regime. In the subsequent months, insecurity posed significant challenges as the Iraqi people and the international community worked together to restore essential public infrastructure and foster a stable environment for the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

As the OFDA program matured, its intervention in Iraq became one of the largest humanitarian responses in its history. Beginning in FY 2003 and continuing through most of the first quarter of FY 2008, OFDA provided

$850 million for coordination, health, nutrition, logistics, shelter, emergency relief supplies, support to IDPs, water and sanitation, and capacity-building activities countrywide. In FY 2007 alone, USAID/OFDA awarded $150 million for assistance to IDPs, including those displaced since the 2003 conflict, long-term IDPs returning to their homes, and sudden new displacements, such as those displaced by military operations in Al Anbar Province.

This audit will (1) determine whether OFDA’s internally displaced persons and vulnerable population activities achieved intended results and (2) assess the activities’ impact.

Source:  Office of Inspector General ANNUAL PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2009


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