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Audit of USAID/West Bank and Gaza’s Democracy and Governance Activities

Country: Palestinian Territory
Fiscal Year: 2009
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: No

Since reestablishing relations with the Palestinian Authority in June 2007, the United States has increased democracy and governance programs with the Authority to improve Palestinian governance and to provide for infrastructure, capacity building, and social services measures.

USAID programs in the West Bank focus on helping the Palestinian Authority extend the rule of law and improve governance by supporting selected municipalities and bolstering the system of justice by training judges and building judicial independence. USAID also provides training and assistance to independent media and civil society organizations and support to local government, judicial, and electoral institutions. In the civil society sector, USAID assistance at community levels is directed at increasing citizen participation, through mobilization of key populations such as youth, women, and other groups, and helping emerging leaders establish grassroots credibility.

USAID seeks to expand opportunities for Palestinian citizens to communicate their expectations of democratic governance; strengthen civil society organizations and independent institutions; and provide capacity development and training to Palestinian nongovernmental organizations. Funding levels for the mission's democracy and governance activities for FY 2009 have increased slightly over FY 2008, from $14 million to $15 million. However, increased funding for the FY 2009 activities is expected on the basis of supplemental funding.

This audit will (1) determine whether USAID/West Bank and Gaza’s democracy and governance activities achieved intended results and (2) assess the activities’ impact.

Source:  Office of Inspector General ANNUAL PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2009

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