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Audit of USAID/Lebanon’s Small Village Wastewater Treatment Systems Project—Phase II.

Country: Lebanon
Fiscal Year: 2011
Agency: USAID

The Litani River is one of Lebanon’s most important freshwater resources. It provides drinking water to more than 350,000 people in more than 161 communities and is the fundamental component of the Bekaa Valley’s agricultural and industrial sectors. However, the Litani watershed suffers from serious water pollution, caused primarily by agrochemical contamination and a lack of domestic wastewater treatment.

To address the challenges facing the Litani Basin, USAID/Lebanon awarded an $18 million contract to CDM, which will end in June 2011.

The contractor completed the first phase of the project, which entailed identifying locations that needed wastewater treatment and designing the plants. The second phase is to construct wastewater treatment plants and provide management services, commission the plants, and train designated municipal operators to run and maintain the plants in Southern Baalbek, Northern Zahle, and West Bekaa Cazas.

This audit will determine whether USAID/Lebanon’s Small Village Wastewater Treatment Plant System Project (Phase II) is providing training in operations and maintenance to designated municipal operators.

Source: Office of Inspector General - ANNUAL PLAN - FISCAL YEAR 2011

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