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Audit of USAID/Iraq’s Assistance to the Iraqi Electricity Sector

Country: Iraq
Fiscal Year: 2009
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: No

The inability to generate electricity consistently above prewar levels has been a deficiency of post-Baathist Iraq. According to the Brookings Institution, the estimated prewar level of electricity generation was 95,000 megawatt hours per day; in January 2008 the figure reached 96,660 before declining to 92,400 in February 2008. This problem not only impedes reconstruction efforts but also diminishes the legitimacy of the Iraqi Government, hinders attempts to foster positive relations between Coalition Forces and Iraqi civilians, and erodes the confidence and patience of the American public regarding the U.S. Government’s efforts in Iraq.

USAID is financing training and long-term technical assistance to strengthen the Ministry of Electricity’s capacity to manage its operations effectively and promote sustainability. Specifically, activities are designed to help the Ministry improve its capabilities in capital budget planning, human resources management, and information technology.

This audit will determine whether USAID/Iraq’s assistance to the Iraqi electricity sector is achieving intended results.

Source:  Office of Inspector General ANNUAL PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2009

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