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Partner Did Not Adhere to Branding Requirements - ADS 320

ADS 320, “Branding and Marking,” generally requires “that all USAID-funded foreign assistance must be branded through the use of a ‘Branding Strategy’ and marked through the use of a ‘Marking Plan.’” USAID programs, projects, activities, public communications, and commodities with USAID funding are generally required to be branded with a standard graphic identity.

Examples of noncompliance with USAID’s branding requirements include:

  • At the offices visited, none of the USAID-funded fixed assets—air-conditioners, chairs, TVs, computers, etc.—were branded with the appropriate USAID logo.
  • Personnel did not know that USAID was the sponsor of the training they received.
  • Computers and printers donated by USAID were inappropriately branded with [implementing partner's] logos and markings.
  • Students were unable to identify USAID or the American people as the sponsor.
  • USAID trainee was unable to identify USAID as the donor.
  • Vehicles used were not appropriately branded. Although the Regional Security Office opposed branding vehicles, no waivers were obtained.
  • Branding implementation plan was not approved. 

General Recommendations

  • Direct all partners in writing to develop branding plans to ensure adherence to USAID branding guidelines (which may include obtaining waivers).

Source: AUDIT REPORT NO. 7-641-10-006-P JUNE 28, 2010

The recommendations are derived from audit reports of the Office of the Inspector General. The source refers to the audit report, which is available on this site as part of the Audit Database Project: an educational tool for compliance with USAID regulations.  Please see the disclaimer of this site before using recommendations.

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