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Implementer Performed Unauthorized Program Activities - ADS

Automated Directives System, “Assessing Performance of Contractors and Recipients,” states that the COTR for direct procurement instruments must ensure that the implementing partner is performing in accordance with the terms contained in the contract or other agreements. It also states that COTR responsibilities for monitoring contractor performance may include reviewing and approving deliverables and performance reports.

General Recommendations

  • Ask the Regional Contracting Office to make a management decision regarding the allowability of questioned ineligible costs in the amount of [...] and recover all amounts determined to be unallowable.

SOURCE: AUDIT REPORT NO. 6-268-10-006-P August 24, 2010

The recommendations are derived from audit reports of the Office of the Inspector General. The source refers to the audit report, which is available on this site as part of the Audit Database Project: an educational tool for compliance with USAID regulations.  Please see the disclaimer of this site before using recommendations.

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