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Building Upon Development Experience: World Bank Toolkits

The World Bank has developed an impressive collection of toolkits for financial and private sector development for policymakers and reform leaders.

On its website, http://rru.worldbank.org/Toolkits a large collection of useful toolkits is available ranging from business inspection, to business licensing reform and the privatization of ports. The collection consists of the following titles that are available for free in electronic format:

Business Environment Toolkits

  • Business Inspections Toolkit
  • Business Licensing Reform Toolkit
  • Business Membership Organizations Toolkit
  • Corporate Governance Toolkit
  • Customs Reform Toolkit
  • Designing Tax Systems Toolkit
  • Dispute Resolution Toolkit
  • Evaluating Regulatory Systems Toolkit
  • Leasing Toolkit
  • Public-Private Dialogue Toolkit
  • Reforming Business Registration Toolkit
  • Securities Transactions & Collateral Registries Reform Toolkit
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Banking Toolkit
  • Subnational Regulation Toolkit
  • Tax Simplification Toolkit

Privatization Toolkits: Cross-Sector

  • Concessions Toolkit
  • Hiring and Managing Advisors Toolkit
  • Labor Toolkit

Privatization Toolkits: Sector-Specific

  • Highways Toolkit
  • Ports Toolkit
  • Solid Waste Toolkit
  • Telecommunications Toolkit
  • Urban Bus Toolkit
  • Water and Sanitation Toolkit


Click  here to go to the toolkits website of the World Bank.

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