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Since independence, Macedonia has been undergoing tremendous transition at every level, including law. In 2000, the United States Agency for International Development conducted an assessment to understand the status of commercial legal and institutional reform (CLIR) in order to provide assistance more effectively. The first diagnostic howed a mixed record of success in commercial laws and rather poor performance by institutions. This autumn, a second assessment has been conducted to determine progress and identify priorities for further assistance. The results clearly show that Macedonia has improved its CLIR environment in accordance with international standards. It is also clear that the assistance provided in legislation and institutional support has been effective in producing the desired results.

The CLIR diagnostic methodology measures seven areas of essential commercial laws across three dimensions of implementation while also examining the social dynamics involved in achieving progress and overcoming constraints. The areas of law examined are: bankruptcy, collateral, company, competition, foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade.

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16 Jul 2011
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Submitted On:
16 Jul 2011

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