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This report presents results from research conducted by the USAID Corporate Governance and Company Law Project (CG&CL) in the Republic of Macedonia.

In work covering 2003 - 2005, CG&CL staff developed a research program to support its work with the Ministry of Economy, the Macedonian Corporate Governance Council, managers and directors of 416 active joint stock companies, 265,000 retail shareholders, judges, lawyers, a shareholder protection organization and NGOs including the Macedonian Business Lawyers Association.

The findings discussed below have been extensively debated in the country as part of the modernization of the Macedonian company law, the OECD regional corporate governance round table in Ohrid in June 2004, and a two year national shareholders’ rights campaign that included TV, radio and newspaper programs. This review further promotes good corporate governance by consolidating the project’s research results and previously unpublished work.

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16 Jul 2011
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16 Jul 2011

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