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Compared to the first edition of the Dutch Index, the second edition has been expanded with 50 additional corporations. The Index is based on data from 100 of the country’s largest corporations listed at the Amsterdam Stock Exchanges.

In cooperation with the Department of Strategic Management and Business Environment of the Faculty of Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam, a questionnaire was developed with a focus on corporate governance practices in the Netherlands. Like last year, the Index charts the views of 50 chairmen of supervisory boards on topics like board committee structures, board composition and compensation schemes.

The results are based on a positive response of 64 percent. Board information in the Index is also culled from 1996 annual reports, by-laws, and other publicly accessible data. Where appropriate, comparisons are made with data from last year’s Dutch Board Index.

In addition to an increasing amount of data in annual reports, this edition of the Dutch Index has revealed new information on corporate governance in the Netherlands. It found more board committees, an increasing workload of non-executive directors and many other interesting aspects of Dutch supervisory boards. The Index does not contain recommendations, classifications or any ranking other than alphabetical listings.

© 1997 by Spencer Stuart and Gregory F. Maassen
Advice: Prof. Dr. Frans A.J. van den Bosch, Mrs. A. de Jong and Mr. Pieter ter Kuile MBA. Research assistant: Job J. Andreoli.

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