Obtain Commitment From Beneficiaries - USAID’s joint Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2007–2012 - ADS 596.3.1 - GAO Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government2 GAO/AIMD-00-21.3.1 (11/99), page 15

The Department of State and USAID’s joint Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2007–2012 discusses the concept of transformational diplomacy as a relationship wherein U.S. assistance plays a catalytic role in supporting a host country’s national vision for advancement. However, the primary responsibility for achieving transformation ultimately rests with the developing nation’s leadership and citizens.

Lasting economic, social, and democratic progress—through a transformation of institutions, economic structures, and human capacity—can begin with USAID development, but host countries, as benefactors, will need to sustain further advances on their own. USAID programs are expected to help move countries through the development process that leads to their graduation from U.S. foreign assistance.

Also, Automated Directives System 596.3.1, “Establishing Internal Controls,” states that USAID managers and staff must develop and implement appropriate, cost-effective internal controls toward management that produce results. These controls include appropriate documentation. The U.S. Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government - GAO/AIMD-00-21.3.1 (11/99), page 15- states that all transactions and other significant events need to be clearly documented, and the documentation should be readily available for examination.

General Recommendations

  • Develop a memorandum of understanding with the Government of [...] regarding a commitment to use the [...] for a specific time for its intended purpose and document the results of any disagreements.

SOURCE: AUDIT REPORT NO. 6-268-10-006-P August 24, 2010

The recommendations are derived from audit reports of the Office of the Inspector General. The source refers to the audit report, which is available on this site as part of the Audit Database Project: an educational tool for compliance with USAID regulations.  Please see the disclaimer of this site before using recommendations.

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