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Audit of USAID/Haiti’s Shelter and Supporting Infrastructure Activities.

Country: Haiti
Fiscal Year: 2011
Agency: USAID
Audit Report Available: Yes

As a result of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, millions of people needed emergency shelter assistance and other relief items. Relief agencies estimate that nearly 2.1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) are scattered among an estimated 1,325 settlements.

To provide immediate shelter and support the long-term repatriation of these IDPs, the FY 2010 Haiti Supplemental Justification included $313 million for a settlement strategy that would complement the work of others and focus U.S. shelter reconstruction efforts in and around Port-au-Prince with some investment in basic services in targeted secondary cities. These funds support economic growth opportunities and service the estimated 480,000 people who fled Port-au-Prince to towns in the north and west.

This audit will determine whether USAID/Haiti’s shelter and supporting infrastructure activities are providing emergency shelter and supporting infrastructure.

Source: Office of Inspector General - ANNUAL PLAN - FISCAL YEAR 2011

AUDIT REPORT NO. 1-521-11-003-P APRIL 19, 2011

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